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College of Animal Science Successfully Held the “Progress in Korean Life Science Tour” Academic Exchange Workshop

SOURCE : TIME:2019-12-02

In order to further strengthen international cooperation and exchange, broaden students’ vision, and promote the development progress of JLU under the “Double First-Class” (world-class universities and first-class disciplines) initiative, with the strong support of “Global Competency Enhancement Program for Students” of JLU, and the assistance of Academician Kim Nam.Hyung from Chungbuk National University, a high-level foreign expert specially invited by JLU, the College of Animal Science organized the “Progress in Korean Life Science Tour” academic exchange workshop at the end of November 2019. Professor Pang Daxin and Associate Professor Yu Xianfeng led 11 graduate students to participate in the academic exchange workshop.

At the first stop, the delegation visited Chungbuk National University of South Korea, and visited the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Embryology where Academician Jin Nanheng works, and had a discussion on early embryonic development, epigenetic regulation, gene-edited animal breeding, and organoid research and development, etc., and developed a cooperative research plan for prospective organoid research. At the same time, the graduate students also had a discussion with the Korean teachers and students about their research contents and future plans.

At the second stop, the delegation visited the Primate Resource Center at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. The delegation was briefed by Kim Ji-soo, Director of the Center, on the development of advanced and emerging international research fields and industries related to the production of artificial organs, the prevention and treatment of cancer, and the treatment of degenerative brain diseases using laboratory primates. The delegation also learned about the latest progress in laboratory primate research in South Korea.

At the third stop, the delegation visited the Abudhabi Institute of Bioscience in South Korea (formerly the Sooam Biotech). The institute has become a “cloning factory” in South Korea, offering the world’s only licensed commercial dog cloning service. The students studied and practiced the cloning of pet and dedicated working dogs, disease model cloning, endangered species cloning and rescue, and the production of transgenic animals for xenotransplantation.

During this tour, the delegation of our college showed the demeanor of JLU in many ways on one hand, and had an immersive experience of rigorous academic attitude, diversified learning atmosphere and innovative ideas in South Korea by learning about the latest research progress in the field of life science and animal science in South Korea. This tour has provided favorable support for strengthening and expanding the strength of those teachers and students, making up for their own shortcomings, improving students’ integrating skills and enhancing the core competitiveness of scientific research. It has achieved the expected purpose and culminated in success.