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College of Animal Science Achieved Success at Singapore Academic Exchange Workshop

SOURCE : TIME:2019-11-01

In order to further broaden the international vision of students and promote the development progress of JLU under the “Double First-Class” (world-class universities and first-class disciplines) initiative, with the strong support of “Global Competency Enhancement Program for Students” of JLU, the College of Animal Science organized a delegation of 10 teachers and students to attend the academic exchange workshop “Advances in Cancer and Vaccine Safety Research” in Singapore at the end of October, 2019.

During the exchange, the delegation of our college and the survey team of the School of Law of Jilin University participated in the “Jilin University-National University of Singapore interdisciplinary Workshop on Vaccine Production and Evaluation Systems”. Zhang Yongliang, associate professor of Department of Microbiology and Immunology in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, introduced the research progress of vaccine production, vaccination and safety assessment in Singapore to the teachers and students of our college through the introduction of relevant institutions, project presentation and exchange, academic report and Q&As. During this period, the teachers and students of our college had an in-depth discussion with Professor Zhang on the knowledge related to vaccines, communicated with the teachers and students of School of Law of Jilin University on the safety production and effectiveness evaluation mechanism of vaccines, and visited the laboratory of immunology and vaccinology.

Later, the delegation of our college visited the Biochemistry/Oncology Research Laboratory of Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and had an in-depth exchange with Associate Professor Deng Liwen and her team on career planning of students, selection of research projects, persistence of researchers and other topics, as well as the progress of cancer research.

Finally, the delegation had a discussion with the Chinese students studying in NUS to fully exchange their learning experience, have an in-depth understanding of the application conditions and advantages of majors, and visited the campus of National University of Singapore and took a group photo with them.

The delegation also visited Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and communicated on academic setting and course teaching, etc. In order to experience the teaching characteristics of the open teaching method, the students had exchanges with the teachers and students of NTU on issues of interest in their classroom.

During the academic visit in Singapore, the delegation of our college learned about the research progress in cancer and immunization in various ways. Through the field visit, the delegation had an immersive experience of the rigorous attitude, open learning atmosphere and diverse and inclusive culture of Singapore, and had a deeper understanding of future study and scientific research work. Although the time is short, the students have benefited a lot. The visit has achieved the expected purpose and culminated in success.